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It’s such a testament when clients come back to us, for a second year running sayers group have asked us to to create their ice bar for Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland.

The theme this year was under the sea, our team of skilled ice sculptors (Claire, Jamie, Dave, Peter, James, Taylor, Chris, Rodrigo, Jussi, Zara and Graham) went on this seven-day ice carving event (though some of the team split off to go to another ice bar part way through). 

The underwater ice sculptures that were hand carved onsite included a bar in the shape of ship, underwater themed ice seating , a mermaid and taking centre stage a giant colour changing ice shark with glistening teeth.

Like last year we also included in the ice bar a game that could be played. Last year we made an air hockey table and this year we made a beautiful chess/drafts table for people to play whilst enjoying a festive drink. 

We love creating ice bars, working as a big team to create a full on ice wonderland and its so fantastic seeing how much people get to enjoy them afterwards. Lots of love for this years ice bar on TikTok check out some of the videos here:

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