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For the fifth year our team of professional ice sculptors were asked by the lovely Mellor’s group to create a magical ice bar for Nottingham’s annual Winter wonderland, and boy was this year enchanted.

Each year the ice bar has a different theme and for 2022 the theme was ‘I Believe in Miracles’. Well needless to say, we all got pretty excited in the studio, thinking back to all our favorite childhood fairytales and all the fun characters that could be created. 

Claire first of all set about working out the layout of the bar, she used a box of Lego to plan it all out so that she could visualize it, she swears it was work and not just playing with Lego

Our ice sculpting team of Claire, Jamie, Dave, Peter, James, Taylor, Chris, Rodrigo, Jussi, Zara and Graham made their way from Cardiff (where they had just been doing another ice bar) to Nottingham to carve this fairytale wonderland. 

After the first week of the ice bar being open Jamie went back to the ice bar and carved a life size ice sculpture of Nottingham Forrest Football manager, Steve Cooper. This was a surprise ice sculpture to the community of Nottingham and was asked for by Mellors to mark his coopers achievements with the football club that year. 

The ice bar gained lots of public interest, especially along the social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, , Facebook and TikTok with the Ice sculptures providing perfect selfie opportunities. 

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