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As part of the ‘Respect the Range’ campaign by the Ministry of Defence we created a 75 Meter anamorphic sand drawing of a Chinook and a large Challenger 2 tank, sand sculpture on Saunton Sands beach just near the Braunton Burrows Training Area. 

The campaign urges holidaymakers and locals to take extra care and check military firing and training times when accessing MOD sites shared with the public. This includes several popular coastal locations.

We arrived on Saunton Sands beach in the morning and set up our equipment in two different locations on the beach. The sand sculpture was at the entrance of the beach and the sand drawing a LONG walk, further along the beach. 

We started by collecting the MANY buckets of water needed for the sand sculpture, before the tide went out. We then compacted the sand which is a very messy job (Peter and Jocasta really enjoyed this as you can see from our video). Peter and James then set to work on carving out the tank, they got a lot of public engagement and interest.

The other team members (Chris, Dave, Claire, Emma and Jocasta) were further along the beach drawing out the 75 meter, anamorphic chinook. 

The final filling in on such large scale drawings (especially anamorphic ones) is always nerve wracking. The team waited with bated breath to hear from Jamie (flying the drone) if it looks right or not. Luckily, he gave a big thumbs up and the team let out a huge sigh of relief.

The client was very happy with the results, The piece received a massive amount of media coverage nationally and regionally (with a reach of over 744 million).  The BBC ran a full article on it and it was even on The Guardians photograph of the day!

We created a video for the campaign and this video was published by The Evening Standard

Some of the media coverage

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