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We were contact by a client who was taking part in an international charity challenge week, which takes place every year by gish

Gish is “on a mission to wake up the world and change it for the weirder and better.”

They set over 200 challenges between July 30th and August 6th and teams from all over the world complete as many of these fun challenges as possible. They then upload images or videos of the completed challenges for team points. 

The challenge we helped the client with was to make a life size cow on a beach. We were down in Devon working on the “Respect the Range” campaign, so we left Dave, Peter, and James behind there to make the sand cow. 

They started off by volcano compacting the sand and then set to work on sculpting. It drew a lot of attention from the public who also tried to guess what they were making in the early stages and event got inspired to make their own sand animals nearby. 

They client was very happy with the result that she entered into the competition and said hands down ours was the best. 

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