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We were contacted by Catherine from Blackburn Bid asking if we could make some sand sculptures for a summer themed trail, encouraging people to explore the town more.

Our team set to work on carving 10 intricate, holiday themed sand sculptures of varying sizes. They were then dried in the studio and sprayed with glue, ready for the event.

Rich’s VW Camper
Claire’s Donkey

The day before the start of the event we delivered the pre-carves with military precision. Two teams consecutively delivered each sculpture to their high street location and Catherine (Blackburn BID), like a ninja was busy decorating each sculpture’s stand with cohesive summer related decorations. 

The team also compacted the sand ready for the two-tonne tabletop sand sculpture that was to be carved live In The Mall the next day. 

The live tabletop sand carve was created over 3 days (12-14th August), a whole ocean world (treasure, fish, crab, octopus, turtle, seahorse etc) created before the public’s eye. It stayed there for the whole of the trail (until 28th August). 

Lots of people engaged with our carvers during this event, asking questions and showing interest in the whole event.

The carving of the ocean scene was straightforward for Claire and Dave’s sand carving skills however it was incredibly hot on those days. The sun was beating down through the glass roof of the mall but luckily for Claire the lovely people from Bubble CiTea Blackburn, provided her with some cool bubbly refreshments.  

The whole event was a great success for Blackburn and received a lot of media attention, with many people travelling to attend it.  

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As agreed with Blackburn BID, these Holiday pre-craves are now living in our studio and ready to hire out for your summer event’s needs, just contact us to find out more.

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