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We got contacted by Cassie, the organizer of a new exciting outdoor festival “Fresh Air Festival”. FAF is Brightlingsea’s first free festival of the outdoor arts. Cassie asked if we could provide a tabletop (1 Tonne) live sand sculpture carve, along an environmental theme for the festival. 

Jamie attended this event solo, he said that the organiser’s and volunteers were so helpful and were full of amazing energy and positivity.

The event itself, considering that it was the first event was very successful and impressive to Jamie, he said all who attended looked to be really enjoying themselves. 

Jamie went to the event with a plan for his sand sculpture, but this changed after seeing and talking to the all-female circus performing company, Circo Rum Ba Ba. They tell a pirate’s tale about sea plastic pollution, inside a 50ft inflatable Sperm Whale.

Jamie created a sand sculpture of a hermit crab surrounded by plastic bags, saying “Beware of the Plastic Jellyfish” based along the plastic pollution theme.

Fantastic first event for FAF and we hope to see future events from them.

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