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The University of Leeds, Campus Live programme celebrates arts through a variety of exciting events for students, staff and the public to enjoy. We took part in this exciting programme by creating a large 10-tonne sand sculpture to kick of the event and an ice bar, with interactive ice sculptures for the finale.

We compacted the large sand sculpture on the 3rd of October and spent the next 4 days carving the intricate Leeds University inspired sculpture, ready for the opening of the event. The sculpture included many iconic buildings of the university along with whimsically carved animals portraying the animals found around campus. 

The Great Hall was carved by Dunc, the Parkinson building was carved by Claire, the heron and hedgehog were carved by peter and the rabbit and duck were carved by Dave. 

Creating this sculpture was tricky in parts and included some very wet weather but the result we are so proud of and it withstood the November rain and remained in situe for the full event. It also gained lots of positive interest from the public and had quite a social media presence of the public sharing images of it including Esme Young from The Great British Sewing Bee

For the finale of the campus live programme we created an art deco inspired outdoor ice bar, which included #leedscampuslive and negative carvings of the heron, peregrine falcon and an owl. 

We also made for the event an Ice frame for taking selfies in, another selfie sculpture of angel wings and some ice snowflakes. This final section of the event was also very successful again gaining  a lot of social media presence and public interest.

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