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At Sand in Your Eye, we offer all our team chances to train/retrain in all of our different creative areas. We’ve had a few new members to the team recently, so we decided to put on some sand drawing training . 

Jamie, Claire, Liz, Emma, Chris, Dave, Jocasta, Peter, Mark, and Mark all traveled along to Scarborough to embark on this training. On the first day we practiced drawing, techniques and straight lines.

After a long day of learning these new techniques, the team checked in to some lovely accommodation and enjoyed eating Pizza’s and having a drinks in the back garden. Later on that evening Jamie showed the team even more fun by giving everyone a lesson in different types of knots.

The next day the team went along to the same beach, but before we started the training, as the tide was going out, we did a team beach clean. 

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste estimated to be in our oceans. 269,000 tons float, 4 billion microfibers per km² dwell below the surface. 70% of our debris sinks into the ocean’s ecosystem, 15% floats, and 15% lands on our beaches!

The beach we were on looked fairly clean but in less than half an hour we managed to collect so much rubbish and a lot’s of it was quite dangerous including a lot of sharp broken glass.

Though the amount of litter on the beaches is declining, plastic or polystyrene still makes up 75% of the total litter.  Here is a little video that we put on our social’s which shows our litter pick up. 

We then went on to draw a compass point directed image’s again and did some other sand drawing exercises individually and as part of teams. We learnt an awful lot about different ways of sand drawing and we also bonded as a team, so altogether a great experience.

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