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As part of Earth day 2024, we chose to create a huge 50m field painting, depicting a girl, holding the earth, alongside the text ‘Vote for Climate, vote for our future’. As the UK gets ready for the 2024 elections, the painting encourages people to vote with the Environment in mind.

Earth day is marked on 22nd April each year to celebrate environmentalism, the first one taking place in 1970 where people demonstrated against toxic dumps, oil spills and loss of wilderness. The 2024 theme is ‘planet vs. plastics’ and aims to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution. Plastic poses a grave threat to human health as it breaks down into microplastic, releasing toxic chemicals into food and water sources and circulating through the air humans breathe.

The image was created using an optical illusion called anamorphosis, which allows a 2D image to appear 3D when viewed from a particular angle, skewed and distorted when viewed from elsewhere. Set against the stunning backdrop of Stoodley Pike, it took the team 3 days to create, kindly facilitated by Anne, who offered up her field on Chamber farm and Camping in Hebden Bridge for the event to take place. 

The hill was steep and the paint was heavy, but the sun was shining and we missed the nearby hailstorm. The lambs took a keen interest in the painting, nibbling on the equipment as well as leaving their own ‘trace’ on the finished work. 

“This year we have an incredible opportunity to make a difference for the health of the earth and our children’s future by being mindful of climate when we vote. It is governments that set policy and regulations that give industries confidence to invest in climate led technologies. By voting for climate, we will make a healthier country as the air will be cleaner, the economy will be stronger as we take a lead on sustainable technology, we will have a secure energy source and nature will be improved as we rewild our land and oceans. This is an opportunity for our children to have an incredible future, which is why the girl in the painting is smiling as she is optimistic that the election can be a defining moment for the Earth and her future”. Jamie Wardley, director.

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