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In late August 2023, Claire, Dave and Peter headed down to Bournemouth to sculpt a 16’ pile of waste food. The sand sculpture was Commissioned by Boursin, who wanted to bring attention to the 68,000 tonnes of Food being wasted in the UK over the Summer months.  The pile of strawberries, carrots, sandwiches, tomatoes and salad took 11hrs to create, shining a light on the most discarded foods: bread, salad, fresh veg and dips. FoodCycle charity found the top reasons for spoiling to be overstocking, the heat and lacking the will to cook. Boursin hosted a pop up restaurant, serving up dishes cooked with food that usually goes to landfill. 

There was a hard deadline on this one and so the team were under a bit of pressure. Thankfully they had an excavator to help pile up the sand and finished just before the rain started to pour. The day ended with fish and chips ‘on the house’ from Chez Fred, the chippy that Jamie worked at during his Uni days.

The initiative was created in partnership with Great British Bake-Off star, Manon Lagrève and charity FoodCycle.

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