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October 2022 is Bradford’s music month, so for Bradford BID’s pumpkin trail they asked for it to have a musical theme to fit in with this. 

We worked together to come up with 10 musical pumpkin scenes (many of the acts chosen had either played at Bradford or have strong links to Bradford). The trail was set very centrally and we used chosen local businesses to set our musical pumpkins scenes up at.

The Beatles pumpkins plus crowd we put inside Broadway Shopping Centre

Elton John and Kiki Dee pumpkins were at Kirkgate.

Freddy Mercury pumpkin was outside Blooms and the Bhangra Pumpkins were outside Waterstones. We also had glam rock KISS pumpkins, a punk pumpkin, jazz, breakdance and a popstar pumpkin.  Our pumpkins were created by the talented Peter, Dunc and Govi. 

The trail ran from Thursday to Saturday and on the Friday we also provided pumpkin workshops for families outside The Broadway Shopping Centre. Jocasta and Ronnie went to deliver these workshops and two of the Bradford BID team also came along to help. Bradford BID provided free pumpkins for these workshops and after a rather drizzly start the sun came out and the workshops became very busy. It was a brilliant day and the workshops were well received from children and their families. Everyone left with great big smiles on their faces, carrying their creations home with them to put out for halloween.

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