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For The Camping and Caravanning Club’s: Outjoyment report, we created a piece of land art at their site in Alton.

For this job the team spent the night prior at the campsite, this was so they could wake up fresh faced on the morning of the job. Unfortunately for Chris and Emma they arrived first and didn’t really know how to put up the tents, they battled with them in the dark and just got them up as Claire and Dave arrived (who has been creating the sand drawing of Beth Mead in Whitby). They all settled in for the night and got the sleep they needed (apart from Emma who forgot a sleeping bag, whoops!). 

The team woke up to a beautiful morning and they set to work on painting the 80-Meter-long artwork. Everything went without any hiccups, and they even enjoyed some of the best tasting posh oranges that Emma had got on offer from Sainsbury’s. On the way home Claire and Dave also stopped off for an amazing curry at Gurkha Dining in Macclesfield.

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