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We always love this time of year, as winter events start to ramp up, we were really thrilled to be working with Ryan from The Experience Department on behalf of Warner Hotels, creating three frosty polar bear ice sculptures, to display across three of their hotel locations.  


Whilst the teams were busy taking part in various ice events across the UK, Jamie packed his bags and the van (well Jonathan and Peter packed the van) and set off to Studly Castle. A few weeks later he made the journey to Cricket St Thomas Hotel, followed by Thoresby Hall Hotel.


At each of these stunning locations Jamie completed a live carve of a polar bear, as part of the warner Leisure Hotels Wintery wonderland events. 


Guest were able to watch as Jamie chiseled away at the ice, slowly reveling the polar bears. In one of the locations some of the lucky guests even had the opportunity to have a little go themselves.

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