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For the first time ever Bradford Bid were hosting an Ice Carnival as part of the cities festive events on the run up to Christmas.

The event was going to include live music, street performers, fun fair rides, and an ice trail put together by Sand in Your Eye, and our wonderfully talented sculptors.

The event was going to be a two day celebration on the weekend of 18-19 November, with Peter and Dan preforming a live carve of an Ice Throne on the Saturday, which when completed, visitors were able to sit on. This, along with a portrait frame, and pair of Ice wings, made the event the perfect opportunity for visitors to take pose for plenty photos of their families enjoying the weekend.

The team set off early on Saturday Morning with a collection of 10 ice sculptures, plus an extra 6 blocks for the live carve, which the set up around Bradfords Centenary square. The weather was not terribly ice friendly for the weekend, with rain and unseasonably high temperatures of 11 degrees both days. 

Despite the weather, the crowds came out to enjoy the weekend of activities and the Ice Sculptures held up really well. 

It was a real pleasure getting the opportunity to work with the fabulous team at Bradford Bid again. 

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