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For the third year in a row, we returned to sunny Saltburn-by-the-sea with a Christmas themed ice trail. We brought with us seven pre-carved ice sculptures to create a trail around the town, as well as some huge ice blocks which would later be live carved into Santa’s sleigh.

The team were up against it with the unusually warm weather, melting sculptures and a new location for the ice queen up a very steep hill. Against the odds, they brought the trail together which included an elf in a shoe, The Snowman (from the film) and a nutcracker.

Jocasta and Claire held some letter writing workshops in the library, where the children could post their letters to Lapland in the ice post box outside. Jocasta wrote her very own letter to Santa and, on advice from one of the children, put in her request for a hover board.

Peter and Jonathan completed the live carve of the sleigh just in the nick of time before Santa turned up.

The day was a huge success and the busiest year so far! The team celebrated with a chippy tea before making a very windy, scary van drive back home.

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