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The team were still defrosting their toes after spending two weeks across Nottingham and Cardiff, installing this years magical Ice bars as part of the cities Christmas Markets, when Claire took a call asking about the availability of the team to design and create an entire winter adventure as part of the first ever Kingdom of Winter event happening at Londons ExCel centre.  

The turnaround was quite short so Jamie set to work dreaming up an adventure set in an ice kingdom. Imagining visitors would have to escape an evil Ice Queen by traveling aboard an ice boat and catching an ice train. There were many interactive features along the trail, including a slide made entirely from ice. 

Jamie and Peter set off to London and arrived just in time to watch 120 blocks of ice (some were 2 meters wide!) arrive from Belgium. Once the blocks were all unloaded the stacking team set to work getting everything in place ready for the sculpting team to get going. 


Along with 5 international sculptors (Yoann, Peter, André, Kee Chaiang, Gawah and Veronica) Jamie and Peter spent a 7 days in the 10 shipping containers sawing, chiseling and making magic happen so by the end of the of the week there was an epic journey for families to embark on which ended with them being able to sit for that perfect photo opportunity on two life sized thrones of ice. 


The organiser had some great feedback about the trail, and the team really enjoyed being part of the very first Kingdom of Winter event.

 Here are some of the ice trail visitor reviews : 

The ice trail was brilliant = 8/10. Lots of large sculptures you could touch and if suitable (train etc) climb on or stand with for photos. There’s even a little slide . It’s in a freezer room kept at -5 so you need to wrap up if you cant take the cold. 

The sculpture trail was amazing and well worth the £6 each. You could intersct with the sculptures for photo opportunities. There wasn’t a huge number to look at so we went around twice . Wrap up as its basically a freezer! Staff were very helpful with wheelchairs and buggies. 

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