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We were so overjoyed when South Pennines Park contacted us to let us know that we had made it as a finalist in their Sustainable Business Category Awards. 


Jamie attended the awards ceremony in the beautiful Piece Hall. He remarked on how impressive it was to so see the huge number of organisations and individuals attending, doing such fantastic work. 

There were amazing organisations that we knew of such as Slow the Flow, Calder Community Cares, St Augustine’s Centre, Blackdog Outdoors, Moonful Ltd and many more as well as many organisations and individuals that were new to us as well.

Jamie was particularly taken aback by Muhammad Abdulrashid a schoolboy from Blackburn Who is tackling climate change 1 car at a time. After Muhammad learnt about how big an impact on the earth and especially children’s health car idling can have he took it upon himself to start knocking on car windows outside is school and other places he went, asking people politely to switch off their engines when stationary. What an incredible young man and he was recognized at the award by winning the category for Young Nature Champion. 

When it came to our category ‘Sustainable Business’, we were in it with many other amazing, sustainable businesses such as Creative with Nature (who Claire and Jamie recently did a Willow making course with).

We were named the winner of this catagory which is fantastic! We are so thankful for this award and feel proud to have the work that we have been doing recognised, we will continue to look at actions that we can personally take to be even more sustainable and promote environmental actions to encourage positive changes for climate action and the bettering of our environment. 

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