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Our guide to measures we have taken to ensure all our events are socially distanced and safe.

During lockdown Sand In Your Eye have been busy working behind the scenes developing our Covid19 policies and risk assessments. Events have been adapted so that they can be conducted safely in the current climate and in line with Government guidelines of social distancing and hygiene. 

How have things changed?

Our PR, land art and sand drawing, pre carved sculptures and studio based work is ready to start now. Others such as  public events and workshops, can go ahead adhering to the latest current Coronavirus safety guidelines of social distancing and hygiene. Our sculptures and art pieces can be used to promote messages of safe distancing or to confidently welcome people back to towns, cities and resorts once it is safe to do so.

Lockdown and the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. We have adapted what we do so we can continue to offer safely, incredible art pieces, PR and public outdoor events without compromise on the quality of what we can do. This is something we always pride ourselves on. We hope to work with you soon and bring a positive message for the future. 

Here are some more details for specific events and activities. We are confident we can amend most things to comply with social distancing so if there is something you would like us to help you with, but it isn’t listed, please get in touch and we can work all the details out for you.

socially distanced events
Sand Drawing

Land Art & sand drawing 

Minimal changes are needed for us to create these safely, as the way we work is already socially distanced. Hand hygiene and travel have been amended to adhere to current guidelines.

socially distanced outdoor events
Sand Sculpture

Live carves and demonstrations

As sand sculptures are created over a day or more, we don’t tend to draw big crowds all at once at outdoor events, attendance tends to be steady throughout the day ensuring everybody’s safety. Social distancing barriers, new risk assessment for staff, signage and location recommendations can make this type of work safe and within guidelines. 

Live ice sculpture

Live carved ice sculptures

We generally create live carve ice sculptures in one day at events. Again steady visitors rather than large crowds all at once. With barrier systems, signage and good location choice, we can carry out this type of work safely. 

safe events coronavirus
Pre carved sand sculpture

Pre carved sand, ice and pumpkins

Made in our studio then delivered to site. Sculptures are pre made in our large studio where social distancing between staff is more than achievable, they are then delivered by us to site. We have fully risk assessed best practice for installation. 

socially distanced workshops
socially distanced workshops


Features for fun workshops at safe outdoor events include separating workshop spaces, clear entrance and exits to space, cleaning and sanitising between sessions. No close contact is now needed. Staff can remain 2 metres away from family groups at all times. Ticketed workshops with session times and one way systems throughout the event space are recommended to avoid queueing. 

pumpkin carving uk
Pumpkin carving

Couriered pumpkins

We can carve pumpkins in our studio and then send by dedicated courier to you. We have offered this service for many years very successfully. If you don’t require the pumpkin, just an image or video of the carving, we can offer this to you from with our in house photography and timelapse. 

If you would like more information on our social distancing policy and project specific risk assessments please contact us via phone or email

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