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Sand drawing animation

Most of us who work in the creative sector have had our careers put on hold because of Covid 19. Events have been cancelled, commissions have been put on hold; which has led to worry and anxiety for our professional futures. These safety measures are of course needed to help us get through this, keeping as many people as safe as possible. We have decided to use this unusually quiet time to focus on our personal creativity, to learn new skills and improve on the ones we already have. We have created another sand table animation to illustrate this just in time for Shakespeare’s Birthday.

sand drawing animation
sand drawing animation
UK sand animators
sand drawing uk

In 1604 the plague hit London, the Globe Theatre closed, and William Shakespeare was forced to self-isolate. However, during this time of tragedy and disruption, Shakespeare managed to write King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. This sand table animation takes inspiration from Shakespeare to show that we can all be creative in isolation. Indeed, it reflects all the creative projects that are going on around the globe, much of which is in people’s front rooms.

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