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Thank You NHS grass painting

As has been shown across the UK with Clap for Our Carers, various pieces of art, fundraising, volunteers making PPE and of course the legendary Captain Tom Moore doing 100 laps of his garden to raise an incredible amount of money for NHS charities, we are all incredibly grateful we have the NHS and healthcare workers doing everything they can to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Land Artist Jamie Wardley
Land Artist Jamie Wardley

We wanted to create something to say thank you. Every week we clap for our carers along with the rest of our lovely town, but thought we could also say thank you in our own way too. Jamie painted a 100 metre grass painting on a private field at the site of our studio. Working in isolation is not difficult when painting something 100 metres wide! We would like to thank Thornber for allowing us to us one of their fields for the piece.

land art
Thank You NHS land art

Creativity during this time has been heartwarming from children painting rainbows to street art and farmers ploughing messages in fields. We feel art and culture is important in all our lives, but even more so in times of crisis to bring people together and create unity. We look forward to seeing more creative ways to show appreciation to all front line workers and key workers (following social distancing guidelines of course). Hopefully soon we can all get out and about and see our loved ones, and outdoor events can start to happen with the utmost safety measures in place.

Land Art in Yorkshire
NHS Field art in Mytholmroyd

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