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A lot of the art we make is often fleeting; our sand drawings disappear when the tide washes into shore, our field paintings fade as the grass grows, even our carved pumpkins end up on the compost heap. If you had been in Bradford city centre one chilly February night, you could have blinked and you would have missed the light art Jamie Wardley, Claire Jamieson and Richard Spence were making. 

light art bradford yorkshire
light art uk

We decided to make a light art installation to highlight how important it is to save the bees. With the kind permission and cooperation of Bradford Council we made a giant honey bee appear in the mirror pool at Centenary Square.

As the flowers start to pop up and the buds begin to blossom, we start to see the bees buzzing around looking for pollen and nectar. But what if they didn’t? The decline in global bee populations is of grave concern as so much of our food chain is dependent upon pollinators such as honey and bumblebees. 

All the buzzing around with lights was captured and turned into a timelapse, edited together by Sand In Your Eye’s busy worker bee, Rich Spence. The light art animation has had over 2000 views on social media so far!

Our light art installations are a really great, low impact way of activating a space and celebrating architectures or communicating with an audience. Last year we “cycled” up Cam Gill near Kettlewell for the Tour de Yorkshire.

We also like to share the fun and can teach participants of all ages in our light art workshops such as those we have done at the Piece Hall in Halifax and for World Mental Health Day.

team building workshop light art
World Mental Health Day with young people from Sunderland & South Shields
family workshops yorkshire
Light Art Workshops at the Piece Hall, Halifax

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