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They say you should take only photographs and only leave footprints in the sand, this is something we at Sand In Your Eye believe strongly and a lot of our art such as our sand drawings and light art either is already very low impact or we are working to make them as environmentally friendly and carbon neutral as possible. 

EDF believe that if everybody was to change to an electric vehicle by 2030 that our carbon footprint would reduce to one fourteenth the size it is currently. With rising fuel prices, diminishing resources and climate change affecting us all this is something to seriously consider. 

With this in mind, Jamie Wardley, Rich Spence and Liz Warrington found themselves on Whitby beach ready to make some sand art early one autumn morning. The weather the previous day had been dreadful but this day dawned crisp and bright with beautiful blue skies. The perfect day to create some sand art. 

Jamie is now a licensed CAA drone pilot so he wandered off, muttering something about “magic hour” to get some background shots of Whitby town, the abbey and the waves rolling into shore, leaving Rich and Liz to start work on the beach art. It’s great we can now offer drone photography as part of our sand drawing and land art packages, which saves our clients having to book an additional photographer and we can even offer editing services.

Photo Credit: EDF

As the day went on, two footprints magically appeared in the sand. The larger one represents our current carbon output and the smaller one, a step ahead, is what we can hope to achieve if we make these necessary changes. Jamie filmed the team with the drone as they made the drawing. As quickly as they appeared, the waves came rushing in and swept every trace of them away. People often ask whether we mind making art that gets washed away but we like the fleeting nature of sand drawing, what it can represent and communicate and we love that it does not pollute or leave a trace behind on the environment. It truly is like leaving only footprints in the sand. 

It was a fantastic day out in Whitby, we had a great time chatting to all the dog walkers and holiday makers taking advantage of the lovely weather to walk along the beach. They all wanted to know what we were doing, although they would have to wait to see EDF’s social media campaign to see it properly.

Thanks to everyone at EDF and Good Relations, who came up to Whitby to watch the sand drawing taking place, we hope they had a great day on the beach. It beats being in the office.

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