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Well, maybe not Santa Claus, but our very own bearded man. We love Christmas at Sand In Your Eye, we usually spend the lead up to the festive period making ice sculptures for parties, events and celebrations, so it’s really easy to get into the spirit. We can make ice carvings to any theme, but by far our most popular are our ice sculptures of Santa’s sleighs and ice post boxes. We carve these out of ice so often, our professional ice sculptors can do them in their sleep! Because of this our ice sleigh and ice post box are some of the best priced ice sculptures we do.

christmas ice sculpture uk

Rich Spence and Mark Wilson travelled up from Yorkshire to Blyth in Northumberland to join in with their Christmas lights switch on festivities. They brought with them the ice post box, which we had already carved in our studio, and several huge blocks of ice, ready to be carved into Father Christmas’ sleigh next to the Christmas tree. 

ice sculpture yorkshire

It was a great day, with chainsaws whirring and ice spray revealing the live ice carving of the sleigh as it emerged. Visitors could watch the ice carvers at work whilst posting their letters to Santa into the pre carved ice sculpture of the post box which we had delivered and installed earlier. As darkness fell, the lit up ice sculptures sparkled almost as much as the Christmas lights.

christmas ice sculpture yorkshire
Cheer up Mark, Santa has a present for you I’m sure

Special thanks to Mel Jackson at Blyth Town Council for all her help, we’ve worked with Mel and have visited their lovely town and beach several times before.

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