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Usually when you think of Halloween, you think of scary things like pumpkin carvings with witches faces, vampires, ghosts and skeletons. However, Groupon told us that apparently the most scary thing in the UK at the moment is Brexit and with it scheduled for October 31st they wanted to see that carved onto a pumpkin!

So, we had a think about how best to scare people with Brexit themed pumpkins and decided to carve some stenciled faces and portraits of some of the big names in Brexit; the Westmonsters Boo-ris Johnson, Spooker of the House John Bercow, Scaremy Corbyn, Nigel Fear-age and Jo Grimson.

Photo Credit: Groupon

We also made downloadable stencils for the Groupon website so people could have a go at home on their own pumpkins and ran a pumpkin carving workshop at the London Dungeons for journalists. 

In the end, Brexit was postponed once again – if it’s all still going on when Halloween 2020 comes around, it’ll be even scarier!

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