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Around Halloween we make a lot of carved pumpkins in our studio and courier them direct to our clients. This is very popular for Halloween parties and events. We can make them and get them out to you within a few days, they look great as a centrepiece at a gala or on display at your business. Our 3D pumpkins and stencil carved pumpkins are really eye catching and give things a wow factor at Halloween.

star wars pumpkin
Star Wars Pumpkin

One of the easiest ways of getting your own bit of Halloween magic for your brand or social media channel is to commission us to carve it and photograph it in our studio. We have a full photographic studio set up and lighting and can provide professional quality images and even film and edit together a time lapse of the carve. You don’t ever have to visit our studio – just call us up, make the booking and we can have a social media friendly video ready for you in time for Halloween!

marvel comics pumpkin
The Gauntlet – Marvel Comics

That’s just what we asked to do this Halloween by Marvel UK and Star Wars UK – they wanted stencil carved pumpkins showing some of the most iconic images from their films; Iron Man’s gauntlet and the Rancor monster from Return of the Jedi.

This job came in just a few days before Halloween – sometimes we get enquiries about Halloween as early as February, and we usually have a lot of jobs booked in by summer! But our team is always happy to squeeze a job in and we turned it around in time for the Marvel and Star Wars social media teams to release the images on the big day. The images performed really well and got over 5,000 views!!!

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