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As professional pumpkin carvers, Sand In Your Eye have become well known in the UK for our 3D celebrity pumpkin carving. In recent years, for Halloween we have carved uncanny pumpkin portraits of Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, Spice Girl Emma Bunton and even one of Her Majesty the Queen.

This October we were approached by Disney to create a chilling portrait of Angelina Jolie for social media to celebrate the UK premiere of her new film Maleficent, Mistress of Evil, the sequel to the original film in which she plays the evil fairy.

The challenge wouldn’t just be to carve a pumpkin to look like Angelina, one of the most photographed women in the world, with her razor sharp cheekbones and penetrating gaze but to recreate her as a carved pumpkin of the character Maleficent. The villainous fairy has become a favourite to dress up as for Halloween and an important part of the look are her curved horns – how to render these as a 3D pumpkin carving?

Pumpkin artist Jamie Wardley likes a challenge and spent all day in the Sand In Your Eye studio gazing into Angelina’s eyes, sculpting the pumpkin portrait and ingeniously using some of the extra bits of pumpkin to make the iconic horns. Disney asked us to create a timelapse film of the pumpkin carve to get the message about the new film out across their social media channels. 

We’ve done timelapses of our pumpkin carving before for clients such as HBO’ Game of Thrones, British Gas’s Wilbur the Penguin and the online game Boom Beach for Waste Creative.

Our studio is perfect for photography and filming, with backdrops, studio lighting and professional standard photography. Clients are welcome to bring their own photographer and come along and watch the shoot but many times they are happy for us to handle the messy part up in Yorkshire and then send them the end results. We work with our videography and editing wizard Bezmond, who has produced all of the above films. He took our raw footage of the Maleficent pumpkin and added his magic. The only thing left was for Disney to sprinkle some fairy dust over it and I think you’ll agree, with over 7,000 views on Instagram, this Halloween pumpkin is wicked.

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