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Norwich is famous for many things, the Norfolk Broads, Colman’s mustard, Norwich City Football Club, Delia Smith and Alan Partridge. When Daisy Entertainment contacted Sand In Your Eye to make a table top sand sculpture in Intu Chapelfield indoor shopping centre, the landmark building of Norwich Castle was an obvious choice to celebrate everything that is great about Norwich in sand art.

sand art intu shopping centre

Right in the middle of the shopping centre

The Norman castle is an impressive monument standing right in the centre of Norwich city centre, it has been used as a fortress and a gaol and now houses a museum and art gallery. The sand sculpture of the castle was deceptive, although the castle uses a traditional square motte and bailey typical of a lot of William the Conqueror’s castles, as the castle has lots of windows, repeated features, parallel lines and architectural elements that would need to be rendered in sand carving which would require detail, concentration and skill from our professional sand sculptors. This was one of Rich Spence’s first sand sculpting jobs with Sand In Your Eye, because of all the fine work the two day build was a difficult job to start on and it very nearly sent him cross eyed! He made a great effort and it gave him the confidence with future sand sculpture jobs to be able to do anything.

rich spence sand in your eye

Rich Spence, sand sculptor

sand art norwich castle

Intricate work

sand carving intu shopping centre norwich

Sand castle of a castle

It also gave him a lot of training in working for a client within a busy retail environment with a lot of footfall. The tonne of sand had to be transported in buckets along the malls of the indoor shopping centre, right into the middle of Intu Chapelfield. Whilst Rich and Jamie were working on the sand art great care was taken to make sure that when they were finished not a grain of sand was spilt on the floor and people could walk around safely. The final sand sculpture was coated with a PVA solution so it would stay intact for the 2 weeks it would be installed in the shopping centre.

sand art castle

Nice sand castle Rich!

jamie wardley sand in your eye

Sand sculptor Jamie Wardley

Rich and Jamie had a great time working in Norwich, it really is a fantastic city, full of history and beautiful buildings and some great vegan restaurants.


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