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Street art uk

We have made various anamorphic drawings over the years, some on beaches, some on pavements and even roads for the Tour De Yorkshire last year. So it was great to make a fully illustrated floor painting. 3D pavement art has become more and more extreme over the years and the more creative the better. We love drawing as well as sculpting so it was lovely to spend some time making this.

The piece was based on the Jack and the Beanstalk story and was interactive, step in an you too become part of the illusion! We had lots of fun with a photoshoot in the studio, Jamie got straight into character.


These paintings can be used for festivals, events and photo ops. We hope to do some more of these paintings as they are really good fun to create, so watch this space for more!


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pavement art uk

magic eye street art


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Anamorphic street art jack and the beanstalk


anamorphic pavement art uk


anamorphic art uk


Anamorphic art pavement drawing

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