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interactive sand Sculpture jamie wardley sand Sculptor

Interactive sand sculpture, Hull

Hull is the place to be this year, as it is the City of Culture for 2017. Lots of exciting new things happening in the city, so we were really glad to get the opportunity to visit.

Princes Quay Shopping Centre in Hull were opening a new floor dedicated to outlet shopping, they invited us to be part of their opening events where we would make 6 sand sculptures for the public to enjoy. There was also an interactive sand area where the public could try their hand at sand sculpture too.

We set a couple of the sand sculptures up in shop windows so while we were carving, it would create a live window display. The rest of the sculptures would be made in the main shopping mall. The shopping centre then asked if it was possible to move all the sculptures into shop windows after the event so they could keep them all summer. It is indeed possible to move certain sand sculptures after they have been made, so in a few weeks time once dried, the sculptures will then be displayed in various shop windows.

sand sculpture compaction sand in your eye

Sand sculpture compaction

On day 1 Tom took himself off to a shop window to create a huge penny made from sand, while Jamie and Claire were in the mall, Claire made a shoe and Jamie a very impressive male torso!

shopping centre events sand sculpture

Shopping centre events sand sculpture

live window display shop window dressing uk

Unusual window display ideas, sand sculpting.

Sand sculpture shopping centre hull yorkshire

Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull

Day 2 Claire headed to another shop window to create a sand sculpture of a gift bag and Tom created an abstract stack of gift boxes in the mall.

By day 3 and 4 Claire worked solo to create an old fashioned till. Having two days to create the sand sculpture meant she could spend lots of time on the details.

antique till shopping centre sand Sculptures semi perminant display ideas

Antique till, shopping centre sand sculpture

During the whole event Princes Quay had many other entertainers there too including musical performers, competitions and more.

Pop along to Princes Quay in Hull and see the sand sculptures for yourself!

abstract sand Sculptures tabletop 1 day pop up sand art

Abstract pop up table top sand sculpture

Best window display hull shopping centre summer events sand Sculpture

Sand sculpture window display

shopping centre summer fun events for families

Family events in shopping centres

table top sand sculpture display hull princess quay

Princes Quay, Hull. Table top sand sculpture display

small sand Sculptures 1 day events

Small 1 day sand sculptures

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