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After a hard days work Kimmo said

“Thank you for helping me with my hobby.”

“No problem Kimmo.”  Kimmo made a great contribution whilst sat on his quad bike.

We worked like troopers clearing the lake of snow and then cutting blocks of ice from the lake with a chainsaw and then pulling them out with a quad bike.  There was water all over the place which is why I had to drive the quad bike, my boots were not waterproof.  It is a hard life.

Afterwards, some of us started to compact the snow blocks with the digger and a lot of elbow grease, just in the same way that we compact the sand.  This took us well into the night to finish, and when I offered my light to Rodrego, to that he could see the nails he was hammering, he replied: “I do not need a light to see.”  It seems that the Portuguese have supernatural powers.  Stamina however is not one of them, as Rodrigo is now passed out in his room.

So, we are still in the mental asylum, but have missed the witching hour which was 7:15, as all the clocks seemed to have stopped at that time you see.  We now have safety in numbers as there is 7 of us now.  We will have to see how many of us are here tomorrow.

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