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So we rocked on down to Halifax on Sunday and were met by -5 degrees, great conditions for ice carving.  The snow blizzards that came later made things a little tricky, but then added to the Christmas spirit of the event.  Me and James Haigh spent two hours stacking Mary who was to be a whopping 2.5 meters tall and was to stand right in the centre of the Piece Hall.  Ice is very heavy for anyone that has not tried to lift an ice block before.  I was then to spend the rest of the day carving Mary with chainsaw and chisels, and then polish her off with some sanding.

The guys from were meanwhile dropping off all the table top sculptures around the town for the trail to commence.  I’d made these sculptures in a freezer in Rotherham the previous week, a special thanks to Matt, Ed and family to helping out and keeping me sane whilst in the freezer.

Cheerio for now, and enjoy the pictures



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