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So Frankenstein eventually came to life and had the lights on him, with all the pieces in place for the composition which reflects Michelangelo’s creation; with a few little extras such as the Professor’s tools of pain on the table.

But then before I knew it I was whisked off to the other side of the tent where I had to finish a submarine left by Martijn Rijerse.  He had been a little bit inconsiderate and opted to have a baby before finishing his sculpture, how unprofessional!  However, I have now forgiven him as I saw baby Casper a couple of days ago and he is indeed a diamond.

After finishing the submarine I helped Uldis Zarins from Latvia finnish his Octopus which is wrapping itself around my/Martijn’s submarine.  All in all a great event.

I’m not back in rainy Yorkshire planning for this winters ice sculpture trail in Halifax on the 20th December.

Cheerio for now


The creator touching the hand of the creation
The Octopus taking the Submarine

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