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We had an exciting enquiry asking if we could create a Sand Drawing on Morecambe beach for the Netflix Documentary ‘Meet the Furys’. 

The brief was a 120 metre sand drawing saying ‘Welcome to Morecambe, you dossers’, next to which Tyson Fury was going to lay and be filmed by a drone for an online ad for the new TV series.


welcome to Morecambe you dossers! #AtHomeWithTheFurys lands on #Netflix this wednesday

♬ original sound – Netflix – Netflix

Having worked on Morecambe beach several times before, we were prepared for a tricky job, as the drainage can be difficult. The recce the day before confirmed that we may have a few issues and it was touch and go as to whether we would need to move the site, or even cancel as there had been a storm the night before.

The team enjoyed the Morecambe sunset, a couple of pints and some dubious dart playing on the sea front the night before. Karaoke was tempting, but an early start was ahead so the team were sensible.

At 6am on the 7th August we headed down to the beach and started work on the drawing.Luckily we had a big team for this one as the deadline was tight with the film crew involved. Claire, Jamie, Dave, Hannah, Jocasta, Emma, Toby, Lou and Peter completed the job in good time, and Tyson walked down from the hotel to take his place for the shoot. The crew got their shots and were delighted with the results.

The SIYE gang wound down with cheesy chips and warm drinks in the caf, after posing for a photo with the big man himself.

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