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We are proud to have been a part of creating this important reminder of the importance of the NHS!

Commissioned by Led By Donkeys, this was one of the biggest field paintings we have done so far, AND… it was at Glastonbury!!

Measuring a massive 120x120m, our team and 6 volunteers from Glastonbury and Led by donkeys, created this this super special Land art piece over 2 hot days in-front of the Pyramid Stage. It celebrated 75 years of the NHS and showing support for NHS workers.

Big up to our team of volunteers and Sand In Your Eye staff: Claire, Jamie, Duncan, Dave, Sherel and Peter for creating this mammoth piece. For Peter, it was also his first time camping since Scouts (a while ago!).

Claire, Jamie, their kids and Dave got to return to the site to enjoy the festival the following week, where several questionable outfits were sported!

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