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Oceana UK contacted and asked us to create a portrait in the sand, featuring a likeness of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with a fish in his mouth and the strap-line #EndDestructiveFishing.

This was after analysis that they found showed UK and EU vessels spending 136,000 hours appearing to fish in supposedly ‘protected’ British marine areas in 2022, with at least 7,000 hours involving destructive bottom towed fishing gear.

We created the 50 Meter drawing at Cayton Bay in Scarborough, we have had previous experience with this beach and have just recently had our team sand drawing training here. It is a beautiful and secluded area, but it has VERY steep hill to access the beach, the team‘s legs were tired and burning a bit with the number of times they had to go up and down it to get the equipment to the beach, but it was all worth it! 

The day was beautiful with mostly sunshine, there was a small spattering of rain during lunch break, at which point Jamie got out his Bothy in a bag, which the team had fun squeezing in!

We were very pleased with our final drawn image, as was the client. The image gained a lot of traction on social media , made The Gardian’s best photos and was shared well in the press.

We were so pleased to work on such a worthwhile project with such a great organisation.

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