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On the 19th July 2022 UK temperatures exceeded 40°C, the highest temperature on record EVER! 

During that day and the stiflingly hot day before, we had ice training going on in our studio freezer. Chris, Peter, and Mark worked all day in temperatures of minus 10°C. They created some amazing sculptures: a Lego man, a chess piece knight, and a polar bear. 

As a company and as individuals we are very aware of the climate crisis, and it is something we feel strongly needs more action to help resolve.

Many pieces of our past works have raised awareness on this issue or have promoted positive actions to help the climate emergency. 

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to places, species, and people. 

One creature which is under extreme threat from climate change is the polar bear, they rely heavily on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean to hunt for seals, as this disappears, they have to ventures further away where food is scarce. Studies suggest by the end of the century polar bears will be wiped out unless more is done on the climate emergency.  

Jamie discusses the climate emergency

We used Peter’s amazingly sculpted polar bear (Can you believe Peter is new to ice carving? We are so impressed!) and placed it outside in the 40°C heat. The rate the Polar bear melted on the hottest day of the year seemed a perfect representation of this state of emergency and a perfect opportunity to talk about this issue. 

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