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The Lincolnshire show is “THE EVENT” for the county and after two years of having to hold off, it returned with a spectacular bang and we were so pleased to be there. 

Dunc and his dragon

We were part of Lincolnshire County Council’s event tent where they housed us alongside many other amazing acts, such as the hilarious and talented Acro Chaps (who did try to tempt me to join the team, however from seeing the videos I know I am not yet up to standard!) and many other activities for the family to enjoy. 

Taking a break with Acro Chaps

As the beach section of the tent we provided a table-top sand sculpture and sand workshops for children. Our table-top sand sculpture was inspired by the Dragon ‘Lucy’ from Lincoln Castle

Dunc created his sleepy smiling dragon over the two days, it captured the crowd and the public were in awe at the level of skill involved, however some were upset at the notion that the dragon would be destroyed at the end of the second day. 

We had loads of children that came through during this huge event and many had a go at creating their own sand sculptures.

Jocasta was on hand to help teach the children skills and tricks to sculpt what they wanted with sand (sharks, fish, turtles, dragons).

Serious Shark Skills

A few parents also joined in too and have promised they will carry on practicing when at beaches this summer.

We really had the best time at the event and the sun shone for Lincoln over those two days, luckily as the event drew in crowds of 60,000 plus.

Working with Lincolnshire County Council was absolutely fantastic and well done to them for winning Best Stand in their category, well deserved. We also owe special thanks to Chris who works for Lincolnshire County Council, he helped us get to and from the event as we couldn’t seem to get any taxis, THANK YOU so much!

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