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We were contacted by Hope&Glory a PR company, who we have worked with previously at a giant sandcastle competition in Weston Super Mare.  

They contacted us on behalf of Virgin Media O2 to create a piece of land art to mark the launch of their new sustainability strategy, where they pledge to reach net-zero by 2040 and to launch their “Do One Thing” campaign helping customers make 10 million “circular actions” by the end of 2025. The actions range from using existing O2 recycle network for older/unwanted devices to using take back schemes for routers and set-top boxes. 

More can be read on this strategy via Virgin Media’s O2 website or Via these two media articles.

The 50 Meter grass painting was created by our team of Claire, Dunc, Mark, Rich and two new members Chris and Jocasta. We painted it at Old Chamber Farm and Camping where we have done other work such as 6000 children and Fairtrade Fortnight. Massive thanks again to Ann Jones from Old Chamber, she is so fantastic at always making us feel so welcome!

The first day the team did the outlines starting in wet weather but finishing in wonderful sunshine, thankfully as this broke the new recruits into land art in a much nicer way and they were eager to do more. 

The next day Claire, Dunc and Rich went back to fill in the image. Jamie went along also and took drone shots that were used to make the film for the campaign. 

During the second day of painting some of the goats escaped from the Farm and got on to the field. Claire fell in love with one young goat who seemed very used to humans. Anne explained to Claire that this particular goat was rejected by its mother at birth and Ann had hand reared her. I’m sure you will be as happy as Claire to hear that this goat has a bright future ahead of her, she will be becoming a therapy goat at The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, a recreational facility for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children in the North West.  What a happy ending !

Claire’s favourite goat

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