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Using our new skills, Sand In your Eye’s professional pumpkin carvers Liz and Dunc, created these two etched pumpkin portraits of environmental heroes Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough

We at Sand in Your Eye see the concerns our environment is facing and wholeheartedly support Greta and David’s view that changes need to be made ‘NOW’ to help this crisis.

Much of our past projects have been to do with environmental issues or raising awareness.

Some examples of these can be seen here

Etching on pumpkins is such a beautiful technique, allowing different tonal layers to show when a light is placed inside. We have done other pumpkin portraits using this technique: Albert Einstein, Gollum, Henry (the Blue Peter dog), and Star Wars characters Yoda and Princess Leia.

Liz particularly enjoyed making her Sir David Attenborough one as she is a huge admirer of his and even met him once when she worked for the Natural History Museum.  

The Yorkshire Post interviewed Liz and created a wonderful article on the pumpkins. Take a look here.

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