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October is a spooky time of year, with a chill in the air and a gloom descending on the land as the nights draw in. Each Halloween the Sand In Your Eye professional pumpkin carvers emerge like owls and bats from the mist, wielding their pumpkin carving tools and as the witches fly overhead, gather together with their pumpkins in a carving coven.

Credit Sand In Your Eye - Games_Character_Pumpkin_Carving_low_res

Those frightful folks at Ninja Theory gave us a call and asked us to carve an etched pumpkin portrait of Senua, the main character from their chilling video game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. We made the replica pumpkin using our latest technique, pumpkin etching – which looks really great when lit up and photographed in our studio. We then sent them the photos ready to put up on the web. It’s had nearly 2,000 likes on Instagram and has been very popular on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a really quick, easy way for clients to get their Halloween message out on social media to their audience. Which makes things a lot less scary!

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