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For years we have made our way north from our studio in West Yorkshire to the beautiful fishing villages of East Neuk, in Fife, Scotland to make our sand art for the East Neuk Festival. The fantastic folk who run the festival love their classical music and are big champions of musicians young and old.

We have made a giant sand sculpture of a brooding Beethoven, a sand carving of a French horn, sand drawing portraits of Bach and Schubert and an anamorphic sand drawing of a violin on the beach at Elie.

Sadly last year, as with so many events the classical music festival had to be cancelled – this year they are holding virtual concerts that can be viewed online, as well as being broadcast on Radio 3. They have also set up residencies for young musicians to support them throughout these trying times.

This year Jamie, Claire and Dunc took to the beaches of Fife in an unexpected heatwave to create a series of sand drawings to promote the festival across social media and to highlight the plight of all live music lovers and especially the young musicians whose art, passion and livelihood has been affected.


They started with a portrait of that most famous young musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and then created this stunning portrait of a young trombonist giving it her all. This anamorphic sand drawing was 100 metres long, most of that being trombone!

The beach drawings featured quotes from musicians and fans describing what live music and classical music makes them feel and how it benefits them emotionally.


The final sand art was a postcard to all fans and friends of the music festival wishing they were here and looking forward to 2022. Thanks to everyone at ENF, especially as always Svend.

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