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Sand Drawing G7 summit
Anamorphic Sand Drawing of the G7 Leaders

The G7 Summit in Cornwall was the perfect place to create a sand drawing to draw attention to the Avaaz campaign to Share the vaccine. We were approached by Avaaz to design and create a huge sand drawing of the G7 leaders on a beach in Cornwall. We were only too pleased to rise to the challenge for such a worthy cause. 

The artwork was a demonstration to encourage the leaders meeting for the G7 summit in Cornwall to provide vaccines for the world.

Watergate Beach in Cornwall was the location for us using rakes in the sand to create a 108 metre anamorphic drawing depicting the seven world leaders and the slogan ‘Share The Vaccine. Waive The Patents.’ for global activist movement Avaaz. 

For more information and to sign the petition follow this link.

With heavy security and no fly zones across the whole of Cornwall, using drones to photograph our work was not an option, so we opted to create this as an anamorphic drawing. Once we had worked out the design we realised it would be 108 metres long! Claire and Dunc did the beach reccie the day before, to check everything out ahead of the drawing day. We were then met by Jamie, Tess, Liisa and Gavin who travelled across in electric cars to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. They are now experts in Tesla supercharge points up and down the country! Watergate Bay hotel very kindly gave us permission to use their beautiful beach to make the sand art. The beach conditions were perfect and although the sun didn’t shine, the rain held off. The sand art took us 5 hours to complete. When we had finished the drawing and took a moment to rest, we all felt very proud of what we had achieved. Hopefully this will help share the message that the vaccine needs to be available to all and quickly. 

sand drawing Cornwall G7
Final raking in of the drawing
showing anamorphasism
Sand Drawing from the ground
some of the press coverage
some of the press coverage of the sand drawing
The guardian G7
The Guardian press footage of the G7 sand drawing
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