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Christmas is a time of year for reaching out to people and letting them know you are thinking of them, especially in 2020 with families having to put their celebrations on hold and spend the festive period apart.

We thought we would send our Christmas wishes out to everyone with this special snow animation.

snow table animation uk
table animation uk

A boy writes his Christmas cards and runs through the snow to deliver them to the old man, perhaps it is his Grandad or perhaps a neighbour. Whoever it is, the gesture and the knowledge that somebody cares makes the old man smile.

christmas table animation

This table animation was made in the freezer in our studio where we usually make our ice sculptures, using real snow! 

Table animation is an exciting new art form we have developed this year – so far we have done animations in light, sand and sugar, and now snow. Sand animation is not very common in the UK – animating with snow is even rarer and we think this snow table animation is the first of it’s kind!

Rich is our resident animation wizard and as well as making the images has also edited the majority of the films together himself.

However this isn’t the first time Sand In Your Eye has had a go at animation – working with Aardman Animations and Nokia in 2011 they were part of Gulp, the largest stop motion animation in the world using sand drawings to tell an exciting story.

Jamie also made an animated film using light and snow in Finland in 2012.

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