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There are many different ways to carve a pumpkin, at Sand In Your Eye we know a few – and we are always developing our pumpkin carving even further!

A very popular form of pumpkin carving is Jack O’Lanterns – these are the pumpkins you see everywhere at Halloween and you’ve probably had a go at carving them yourself. They are simple but very effective when lit up. They can be as complex as you like and we’ve made some over the years that are more than a step up from the usual triangle eyes. 

Stencil pumpkins look great, this is where you only cut the outer rind of the pumpkin and the light softly glows through. We can carve these with logos, images and astonishing pumpkin portraits.

professional pumpkin carving

We’ve even made multi layer stencil pumpkins that are great for people’s faces – can you guess who these pumpkin portraits are of?

But our most popular Halloween pumpkin is the 3D carved pumpkin – we’ve become famous as professional pumpkin carvers for our celebrity pumpkin carvings and 3D pumpkin faces.

This October we brought together all of our professional pumpkin carving skills for a pumpkin carving showcase at Blenheim Palace for Halloween. We have a large team of pumpkin carvers on hand in our studio all October ready to carve pumpkins and they set to carving a spectacular 50 pumpkins for this spooky scene.

We provided props – including gravestones, skeleton dogs and cats, and a witches cauldron, delivered all the pumpkins and set up the scene, which looked really atmospheric and eerie for people exploring the grounds of the palace that half term.

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