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This year, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have been working from home since the first lockdown began and businesses have been operating online, holding Zoom meetings instead of working in an office and meeting face to face.

This Halloween because of the various lockdown measures and social distancing, we were sadly unable to do our usual pumpkin carving workshops for people of all ages at pumpkin festivals, in museums, towns and cities, shopping centres and at corporate events

At the end of October we held a series of online pumpkin carving workshops for companies that wanted a fun Halloween themed social event for their staff and for them learn a new skill. We do a lot of photography and filming at our studio near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and over the course of a couple of days we converted part of the workshop into a spooky film studio using all the Halloween props we have gathered for our pumpkin festivals and Halloween photo shoots over the years.

It was here amongst the giant spiders, cobwebs and Jack O’Lanterns that Rich would hold his virtual pumpkin carving masterclasses! We can host our Zoom workshops and show you how to make a Jack O’Lantern like these ones we carved for a Halloween display at Blenheim Palace, stencil pumpkins or if you want to spend a whole afternoon or evening doing some team building we can show you how to make a spectacular 3D pumpkin carving!

It was really great for the participants to learn some professional pumpkin carving techniques and fun for them to be able to do something together after being apart for most of the year.

Some of the companies who took part in the Zoom workshops held competitions to see who had carved the best pumpkin and wore fancy dress for their online workshop!

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