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Our gruesome and silly 3D carved pumpkins are tremendously popular every October, with our pumpkin artists in great demand to carve giant pumpkins for all sorts of Halloween events. A live pumpkin carve really draws a crowd. 

With this in mind, Jamie Wardley decided to put on some pumpkin carving training for the whole Sand In Your Eye team, to make sure everybody’s sculpting techniques are in tip top condition and they are skilled enough to lead their own live pumpkin carves.

Tom, Rich, Claire, James, Mark and Tess joined Jamie in the Sand In Your Eye studio as he showed them how to pick the perfect pumpkin for a live carve. These are much bigger than the ones you will find in a shop and we buy them specially. He pointed out what to look for when thinking of different characters and faces to carve and where to start.

carved pumpkins delivery

As well as the basic principles of sculpting faces, Jamie told the pumpkin carvers about finding the personality of each pumpkin and let it shine through. When it’s a spooky or funny character, sometimes, a bit like dogs and their owners, pumpkins can end up looking suspiciously like their creator!

3d carved pumpkins to order

After a day of carving and perfecting their skills, each of our sculptors felt confident enough to make something truly eye catching and awe inspiring at our upcoming October bookings. This means we now have a whole team of fully trained sculptors ready to create something spectacular for your Halloween event. Wherever it is in the country and no matter how busy we are – we have a pumpkin artist ready to wow your audience.

Live pumpkin carves work really well alongside our pumpkin carving workshops, why not book both and inspire your budding pumpkin carvers? 

carved pumpkins to order
3d carved pumpkins delivery

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