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Pre made sand sculptures are a great idea for public events in locations that are limited with time and space. No mess, no fuss, they are made to order in our creative studio in Yorkshire by our team of sand sculptors, we treat them so that they will last as long as you need them to and we can deliver them to you and remove them too! We can even make the tables for them to sit on. In the past we have made table top sand sculptures for the MetroCentre in Gateshead and Culver Square.

Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Chester contacted us looking for some eye catching Chester themed sand art as a centre piece for their summer shopping season. The history and architecture of the beautiful city of Chester was a great inspiration.

Chester cathedral sand sculpture

Chester cathedral sand sculpture in the shopping centre

sand in your eye sand Sculpture studio

Rich Spence hard at work

As well as a model of the Grosvenor Shopping Centre made by Mark Wilson and Rich Spence, we made a sand sculpture of the iconic Chester Clock Tower, James Wilding put his sand sculpting talents and attention to detail to fine use making a beautifully intricate sand carving of Chester Cathedral. The final premade sand sculpture was a bust of a commanding and rather handsome Roman centurion soldier carved by Claire Jamieson.

shopping centre sand sculptures

Our team of sand artists

female uk sand sculptor claire wardley

Claire and her Roman soldier

creative studio yorkshire

James adding detail to the cathedral

As well as the sand sculpture exhibition we left some pop up sand tables so shoppers could be inspired by the gallery of sculptures and try their hand at sand sculpture and sand art – a great family activity as a break from all the hard work of shopping!

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