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ice sculpture events

At the end of the ice sculpture season, we usually use the ice that is left over for any training and development projects we want to pursue and this year was no different.

We thought it would be a nice idea to make a little ice sculpture trail at the Nursery our daughter attends so the children could interact with the ice sculptures and learn all about it.

ice sculptor yorkshire

ice bars uk

claire jamieson female ice sculptor uk

We created the following ice sculptures in our ice carving studio and delivered them in the morning ready for their usual playtime.

wedding centrepieces

train ice sculpture

party props luges

incredible ice sculptures


The children were really excited to see them all, touch them and they even made up names for them too! As the weather has been so cold the sculptures although always melting, remained for nearly a week!

ice sculpture courses

sculpture workshops uk

ice sculpture sand in your eye

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