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Final Picture before being dismantled

Quite a lot if ice was left at the end of the day

This year, Santa came early to visit the Idlewells Shopping Centre in Sutton in Ashfield. There were lots of Christmas attractions in the centre. Not only did he attend a special ‘drop in’ Christmas Grotto to accept his Christmas lists from hopeful children (and adults), but he even managed to pose for a few photographs and selfies with the busy Christmas shoppers on a magical ice sculpture sleigh.

Sand In Your Eye were more than happy to create the Ice Sleigh for him inside the vibrant Nottinghamshire shopping centre. Lets face it, the Sand in Your Eye  team have helped him out a few times now to supply this popular Christmas attraction – however, this was the first time we had produced a real ice sleigh carving inside a busy shopping centre.

To make the magic happen two of the Sand In Your Eye ice carving team, Jamie Wardley and recent addition Rich Spence, arrived at the shopping centre just before opening time. They easily managed to get everything set up and bring the ice into the shopping arcade without causing obstruction.  Once the secured area was ready they set to work assembling the 100+ kg blocks of ice, before adding the final design touches, as astonished shoppers and spectators looked on.

Santa Can carve too

Naughty Santa modifying his Ice Sleigh

Around lunch time, as soon as the Ice Sleigh was finished it was opened up to the public. A queue quickly formed to have their pictures taken in the real ice carving, either for fun or even to use them to make customised Christmas cards.

“Is that real ice?” Was a frequent question, as dozens of shoppers paused from their Christmas dash, to have their photos taken inside the finished sleigh.

“Absolutely! Come and sit inside it and try it for yourself.”

“Wow! How long will it take to melt?”

We’re not sure!! Was the standard response…However, it was of no consequence, as the ice sleigh was to be dismantled and removed after closing time.

Packing up and leaving took less than a couple of hours. Helped to a large degree by our unique draining facility, which kept the public dry and safe from slipping hazards, the shopping centre remaining free from melt water spillages throughout the day.

As the shopping centre closed – Even Santa was still so excited he grabbed a chisel and made a few minor modifications to the sleigh himself!! I guess Santa can get carried away and be naughty sometimes.

Merry Christmas! From all at Sand In Your Eye.

Ice sleigh awaiting removal

The Ice Sleigh still intact as the shopping centre closed

Santa Can carve too

Naughty Santa modifying his Ice Sleigh

Santa making some modifications

Santa trying his hand at Ice Sculpture…come to a workshop and try it too!

Smile now Santa!!!

A young girl poses with Santa on his magical Ice Sleigh

Final Picture before being dismantled

Quite a lot if ice was left at the end of the day

Ice Sculpture Sleigh

A family of Christmas Shoppers poses on the Ice Sleigh

Posing on the Ice Sculpture

Christmas shppers take a few moments to have a selfie on the Ice Sleigh

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