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Today was the last day to finish our sculptures.  I cut away the snow with a blunt chainsaw to make the last sections of my nest whilst the other guys made all their finishing touches before the end of the competition at 2pm.  It is always a bit of a rush on the last day, there is often much more work to do than you first realise, especially with ice continuing to form on my eyelashes.   But we all got there, me having to do a little run now and again to warm up my hands which were freezing because of all the slush I was having to make.

Aside from the competition my mission for the day was to get a photo of Santa on his quad bike and to have a go at riding a snow mobile.  Santa minus reindeers is below.  Poor old rudolf has been usurped by 700 horse power, four cillindered quad bike with catapillar tracks.  But then I did not see the bike fly, so maybe Rudolf still has the advantage in the high season.


The snow mobile was incredible.  Mikka took me and Rodrigo on the lake a little faster than the ‘normal’ tourists.  This did not suprise me as we carraded through the snow at ridiculous speeds in the dark, always careful not to get too close to the person in front, just in case you hit them; “Snow mobiles slide you see.  And if you feel yourself going over water, just hit the throttle hard and go over it.”  This was another ‘Oh My God Moment.’  Rodrego and I adorned the correct gear and jumped on our bikes after a few novelty photographs with large smiles and waving arms.  And then down to the serious business of turning on the bike and hitting the throttle.  These things go fast, and I mean seriousely fast, charging accross the lake bouncing over all the bumps on the track and occasionally cutting through the virgin snow to make new tracks, scarring yourself now and again as you feel the mobile bouncing out of control underneath you, but then gaining confidence and letting the people in front go forward so that you can hit the throttle full just for a moment; hold on tight, because if you don’t you won’t have a snow mobile underneath you anymore.


We gathered for our ceremony where Christina and Satu had come to judge. They took us around all the sculptures to make their comments.  For my sculpture ‘The nest’  they were “wordless.”  I am now known as “Wordless Wardley”.  It is a good thing that I have nothing important to say.  Fortunately this did not go against me as I won joint first prise with Rodrego.  This was his first snow sculpture and a great success, well done lad.  Natasha came third with her Snail which I thought was great.  Afterwards we got on Santa’s sleigh to celebrate and he pulled us on his quadbike to his log cabin where we were given presents, I hugged him and all was forgiven for his shortage of presents this year.

So now we are just getting ready to find an ice sauna in the forrest, and afterwards take a taste of the local night life. I will have to recover on the plane if I manage to catch it.  Not the first time believe me.

Cheerio for now


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